We are all farmers in our own way.


The gardens of our lives include the spiritual, social, and academic—each is in need of cultivation. The Wesley Foundation welcomes all young adults in the Princeton area who are seeking what Jesus called “the abundant life,” from the life long Christian to the questioning to the critic. 

We enjoy working with our brains and our bodies, and our schedule reflects this. Each week we are formed through the options of Sunday morning worship at Princeton United Methodist Church or Kingston United Methodist Church, a community-building Bible Study, and volunteer gardening at a local farm three miles from campus, called The Farminary



From memorable to minute, spirituality can take many shapes. Formal worship services, coffee conversations, exploration of doubts, service projects, etc.; we provide many ways for your spirituality to grow.  

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We believe service is crucial to life. With this in mind, we create space to give our time towards productive work and fruitful relationships. Explore how you can partner with the local Princeton community. 

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