What is a Life Worth Living?

What does a flourishing life looks like? From religious traditions to TV commercials, we are explicitly and implicitly told what makes our lives meaningful. This 5-week program will take 12 students on a journey to encounter one another, helping solidify what a life worth living might be for each of us. Drawing on four different traditions, each session will include a deep dive conversation with a leader in the tradition, a testimonial and Q&A from someone following the tradition, and small group conversation. Adapted from a course at Yale University, this program meets on Mondays from 7:30pm - 9:00pm in Murray-Dodge Hall. Applications must be completed by Thursday, January 31st.



Murray-Dodge Hall, 7:30pm - 9:00pm

Monday, February 4 Buddhism

Monday, February 11 Effective Altruism*

Monday, February 18 Christianity

Monday, February 25 Islam

Monday, March 4 Synthesis

*Overnight Retreat: February 15 - 16

Friday 6pm - Saturday 6pm

Princeton-Blairstown Center

Cost: Free

adapted for princeton university

The Life Worth Living program was created at Yale University and has become a staple for many students. Princeton will use the core tenants to give its students freedom to wrestle with these questions in a shorter timeframe. To hear student stories, or learn more about the program, click here.